Here's a little bit about the girl behind the machine-

I grew up with an always busy summer schedule. It was non stop of GO GO GO, from dance practices, recitals, and competitions across the nation. Once those summer days of strenuous training were over, you would think a 10 year old would want to spend her last days of summer with her friends, go to the movies, spend a couple days at the beach.. LOL

I begged my parents to enroll me in sewing camp for those 2 weeks of "off-time," Instead of spending time with friends my age- I chose to spend my days with women 5 times my age, learning the lost art of sewing, quilting, and making my own clothes and Halloween costumes.

Fast forward to growing up, graduating high school + college, getting a job in corporate America, and figuring out if this kind of work environment was really for me. At 27 years old our world turned upside down -I think I speak for most people when I say I needed to tap back in to something that made me genuinely happy and less on edge. In those moments I kept coming back to my needles and threads, and automatically feeling such a calm aura that sitting behind a desk would probably never give me.

 Now here we are. look how far we've come.  Established in 2020- we are doing something we love. We are creating 24/7, 365. We are creating with you all, Growing with you all, and living 10 year old Katie's dream.

I cant express how much it means to have you all here. Your support means the world, and I still cant believe this is real life! Lets Keep Creating Together <3

xo forever,